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Charing company focuses on the overall service and comprehensive operation of high-end tourism private customization, and provides exclusive customized service for private, family and institutions. With the butler service of "high quality, private ownership and whole journey", charing has built a pair of travel creative planning, whole journey management of family style travel and noble travel social circle for each distinguished customer, and is committed to building a "high quality and comprehensive" comprehensive tourism service Orientation, specialization and personalization "are the high-end customized travel life. Its business scope includes luxury tour group, Italy in-depth tourism customization, famous winery tour, luxury car Yacht Club, etc.
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Our advantage
Members of the company have served as external consultants of Italian Tourism Bureau for a long time. They have participated in tourism exhibitions around the world on behalf of Italian regional government tourism bureaus. They have a deep understanding of the concept of tourism, and are good at integrating tourism resources, including high-end tourism private customized group building and other related topics, so that you can be in the process of traveling Really relax and like it. Even after many years, I will miss the time we spent together.

Experience the most authentic Italian food

Taste the finest Italian concentrate

Enjoy the most authentic Italian life

Experience the most unique travel projects

Top 100 year wine Chateau, sailing club, luxury car club, golf, opera, football, beach, diving, yacht sailing, as well as classic cultural activities in various regions, such as Venice Carnival, Siena horse racing, amarfi Opera Festival, etc., can be included in our itinerary.

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  • Toscana's truffle set

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