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Foreign Trade

Italy origin direct purchase, refuse middleman. Shipping, air, customs clearance one-stop solution to your various trade needs!

The team has a large number of products and practical experience, multiple sources of direct connection, rich solutions for your trade escort!

Trade and service complement each other, and high-quality service will also make endorsement for the quality of products. We are looking forward to bringing the most beautiful European direct purchase products back to China, reducing intermediate channels, and allowing Chinese consumers to enjoy high-quality products in a simple and convenient way.

Manufacturing / Technology / IT /Healthcare / Industry 4.0 / AI / Retail / Finance
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Supported industries and themes
●   Foreign market research
●  Business negotiation
●  Customs broker

What can we do for you?
We promise you
Original export / Quality Assurance
Sourcing from the source
Quick customs clearance
Professional solutions customized on demand
High quality origin resources
The company integrates a large number of high-quality production resources in Italy , source procurement, efficient and fast!
After the company's long-term accumulation, we benchmarking peers, to provide you with the lowest quotation!
Lowest transaction cost
The company is located one belt, one road, Trieste harbor.
The team has rich practical experience and provides you with a variety of transaction strategies according to the actual needs
Convenient geographical location
Rich solutions
Custom Customization
Customize your service plan according to your actual needs
According to the plan for you, start to implement and make periodic report and organic adjustment.
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Common Problem
What are the four stages of a deal negotiation?
How to remit foreign exchange into China?

Is there a big difference between the East and the West in foreign trade documents and operation practices?

How many kinds of invoices are there in foreign trade?

What information do we need to know about negotiating banks in L / C?

Why did I choose charming Europe?
The first is to inquire, the second is to make an offer, the third is to counter-offer, the last link is to accept

International indispensable, such as invoice, packing list, bill of lading are the same in the East and the west, are necessary, generally speaking, according to the international payment for goods, go out is the letter of credit, there is no difference in operation.

There are two forms :(1) the foreign exchange is transferred from abroad to the company's domestic foreign currency account.
(2) Agency tax refund and transfer of foreign exchange into our agency foreign exchange collection account.
Before the contract is formally confirmed, a kind of proforma invoice is used. After the formal contract is signed, the commercial invoice is provided for goods settlement.

Give the documents to the bank, and then make a withdrawal. Usually, the issuing bank designates one of our banks as the negotiation bank.

Based on overseas business, charming has a good understanding of China's trade rules and operating practices, and is supported by local resources. It has a wide range of links from product selection to shipping to customs clearance.

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