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Overseas market research is a necessary step for the company's overseas expansion and investment. The company has talent resources in Chinese, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Slovenian and polish, and has a deep understanding of the political system, ideological culture, social organization structure and humanistic psychology of Europe, especially Italy, and has attended many industries It also plays an important role in subdividing activities and exhibitions in the field, and has relatively sufficient experience and knowledge reserve for overseas market research.

The company's employees are composed of overseas students and local overseas Chinese. In business activities, negotiation and dinner parties with Italians, good language organization ability, communication ability and in-depth understanding of culture can add points to your business behavior.

Deep learning of Chinese and Western culture is also the focus of team training. Only by making the team understand the global economic and political pattern, as well as in-depth research on the depth of bilateral system culture, can we cultivate a team with strong comprehensive quality. We understand not only Europe but also China.

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Success stories
  • The first meeting of finance ministers between China and Italy

  • Italy National Tourism Administration China marketing promotion Guangzhou

  • Negotiation with NMG on import and export trade

  • Chinese enterprises successfully acquired Italian skin care brand

  • The first voyage ceremony of Italy's Venice cruise liner and simultaneous interpreting

  • Italian-Chinese Third Party Market Economy Cooperation Forum

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