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Company Introduction

The registration address of company is at Trieste, sea destination of the Silk Road, taking advantage of the excellent trade situation of Trieste as a free port and the convenient transportation to the inland Europe, the regional importance of the city is more and more prominent. After the visit to Italy by President Xi, Trieste port signed the Memorandum of Understanding with China Communications Construction Group, in this case to become an essential part in the China One-Belt-One-Road project.

There are five major business parts in Charming Europe Culture Solution Company, which include Commercial, Foreign Trade / Business Tourism / High-end Tourism / International Education / Financial & Legal.

The commercial business provide the whole set service starting from the market survey, translation, accompany and also the follow up, in order to reduce the cost and risk for Chinese enterprises on overseas investment and development; our company has been keeping a good image and reputation in Italy, which can provide reputation credit for bilateral cooperation.

We have been insisting on conscience education, Charming Europe Culture Solution Company has been diligently on education work through set up the educational fund. By developing study tour, studying abroad or professional further study, provide more overseas education opportunities for Chinese young people.

Highend tourism mainly focus on exploring of targeted products according to Market demand, for example the thematic tours including Football, Golf, Red wine, Food, Music Opera, Sailboat and Luxury car, aims at searching for fun soul and the meaning of happy life.

The trade and service is supplement to each other, relying on each other, meanwhile the high class service also supporting the products a lot.

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